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An Access Control System is any device that controls who gets access to physical and logical assets within that business.

These devices are indispensable and a key to security in the corporate world. Therefore, they are very important to have in large companies with lots of people working in different departments.


One of the many things access control systems do is account for entities, perform authentication, authorization identification, and access approval through login credentials such as passwords, biometric scans, physical or electronic keys, or personal identification numbers (PINs). The modern access control system provides:


  • More flexible working models
  • Limited access to mechanical locks
  • Controlled access to buildings and private areas

Ask Yourself These Three Questions

You may be wondering if your place of business truly needs an access control system. Believe it or not, both big and small companies find uses for these security systems.

Therefore, the decision to use one will depend on the scope of your building, the accessibility of the goods and products inside, and the protection you will need to keep your business functional. Here are three questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Do I need to keep a log of time-stamps for every attempt somebody makes on a locked door?
  2. Do my employees need specific entrance clearances on certain days or times?
  3. If someone loses the company key, will it threaten my building’s security?

Types of Control Systems

  • Control Panels
  • Card Readers
  • Fingerprint Readers
  • Online/App Control
  • Central Station Monitoring
  • Logging Activity
  • Customizable System
  • Remote Access

Keypads vs. Card Readers 

Keypads for access control are the simplest and cheapest forms of secure entry. Just like an ATM, each employee is given a specific PIN to enter, digit-by-digit, in order to gain access.

Therefore, keypads are the go-to choice for businesses who need to keep an accurate record of time-punches for each employee.

However, the immediate downside for keypads is that PINs are susceptible to being shared or stolen if someone is watching another person enter their code. This means multiple people could be entering the building by using the same PIN combination.

Additionally, card readers tend to be more popular and reliable.

With card readers for access control, you can easily scan your way through a doorway. The time it takes to generate an acknowledgment from the card reader to the access control system hardware is generally less than one second.

Unfortunately, cards can just as easily be stolen or shared between multiple people.

Also, there is the risk of the magnetic strip or barcode wearing away, leaving the cardholder inaccessible until a replacement is sent.

However, there is a way to increase security by enforcing a two-factor authentication, which would require an employee or maintenance worker to use a card reader and then correctly enter a code into a keypad for entry.

Affordable Access Control System Installation

Thanks to technology improvements, battery-powered locksets, smart card swipe cards, electronic cylinders and wireless networks, access control systems are more affordable to install, run, modify and expand than ever.

Additionally, since most of these systems are software based, it reduces the amount of cabling required to set them up, thereby reducing the cost of installation.

These systems are also very user-friendly. Therefore, they require inexpensive programming lowering the cost of managing your facility and keeping it secure.

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